感谢神!七月十二日起, 教会重新开放主日敬拜,同时也有 Youtube LiveStream 直播,具体安
1. 若有以下情况,建议请暂时不要来教会参加聚会:
• 若您感觉身体不舒服,有任何可以症状,或者接触过病人或疑似病人
• 若您患有慢性疾病,或符合 CDC 发表的高风险人群
• 若您或家人近期(14 天内)从国外,或者外地回来
• 若您 65 岁以上
• 若您家里有小孩子
2. 主日聚会期间,请全程请佩戴口罩。(请自己准备口罩)
3. 教会大堂门口有免洗洗手液备用,出入大堂请清洁手。
4. 教会大堂门口会测量体温。
5. 在大堂,教会走廊请保持社交距离。
6. 进入大堂有同工引导坐在指定位置,同一家庭坐在一处。
7. 敬拜前后寒暄问候请在教会门外进行,并保持社交距离。
8. 主日圣餐仍继续使用饼杯一体的成品,在大堂前排自行拿取。
9. 成人主日学从七月十二日恢复 11:00 开始。

GCBCR Reopen Sunday Worship Guidelines

From July 12, 2020  GCBCR will reconvening church gathering for Sunday worship ONLY, and we still keep Youtube Livestream on, by implementing the following protocols:

  1. If you meet any criteria(s) mentioned below, it is recommended not physically attend regular worship services:
  • If you are sick, or have mild to severe symptoms, or close contact with someone being sick
  • People of any age with certain underlying medical conditions at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Should comply with CDC guidelines.
  • You or your family (same household) travel back from overseas or out of town within 14 days
  • Older Adults (65 and above)
  1. It is required that people wear face masks when spending time in indoor activities at church sanctuary/hall. (masks/face covering are self-provisions)
  2. Hand sanitizers available at church. Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the building/sanctuary.
  3. Take the temperature of people who attend services.
  4. Please avoid close contact and practice social distancing in public setting.
  5. Ushers will direct you to pre-arranged seats. Recommend family sit together.
  6. Please keep casual greetings before/after worship service outside of church and keep social distance.
  7. Continue to use pre-filled disposable communion cups.
  8. Please limit use of church bathroom if possible. If you do have to use, please use provided clorox wipes to clean surfaces you touched.