GCBCR Reopen Sunday Worship Guidelines, effective 6/20/21

1. Post COVID safety guidelines: starting immediately, There will be no more temperature check, mandated mask wearing or social distance requirements inside the church building. Use your own discretion in terms of wearing mask/keeping social distance. We do ask for: 1. to stay home if you feel sick, and 2. two weeks of self quarantine before come to church if travelled overseas.

后新冠时期安全措施:在教堂里不再做体温监测,不再要求戴口罩和保持社交距离。弟兄姐妹可以自行决定是否戴口罩或者保持社交距离。我们要求大家遵行下面两点要求:1. 如果你生病了,请在家休息。2. 如果你从海外旅行回来,请在家做两个星期的隔离再来教会。

2. Starting first Sunday of September, we will stop live streaming of Sunday services and Zooming of Sunday school classes.