GCBCR COVID Sunday Worship Guidelines, effective 2/15/23

Dear brothers and sisters, the BoD has the following announcements regarding Church COVID19 Protocol:

Revised COVID-19 Church Guideline: 
a. Masking in the church is now optional unless there’s a dramatic change regarding Covid 19 trending.
b. For those who have any symptoms of COVID are advice to perform at least a self-test at home. With either a positive test or having symptoms of COVID, it is strongly advised that the person stay home and follow the CDC guideline on the quarantine period and donning of masks by utilizing the “Isolation and Exposure Calculator” on website. 
教会COVID-19 规定修正:
 A。 根据目前COVID19 趋势,在教堂不要求戴口罩,自愿决定是否戴口罩
 b. 对于那些有任何 COVID 症状的人,建议至少在家中进行一次自我测试。 如果检测呈阳性或出现 COVID 症状,强烈建议该人留在家中,并使用 网站上的“隔离和暴露计算器”,遵循 CDC 关于隔离期和戴口罩的指南。
Please let Deacon Board know if you have concerns or questions.