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Live To Serve 活著是为了服侍

Our pastors and elders make up just a small part of our team. We believe that every member is a minister and the real heroes are the volunteers who give their time, talent, and energy to passionately serving others.



Elder 长老

Elder Perry Cheng was born in Mainland China. When he was young, he migrated to Hong Kong. At a tender age of 12, he accepted Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Savior. When he turned 18, God provided an opportunity for him to study college in the US. He met his wife, Evelyn, a true gift from God, while in Columbus Ohio. They both graduated from Capital University and served at Columbus Chinese Christian Church for nearly two decades. Perry had the opportunity to serve in fellowships and deaconship for several terms before God called him and his family to relocate to Richmond, Virginia in 2012. After served as a fellowship deacon for couple years, later as the deacon board chair, he was honored to be appointed by Pastor Daniel Chu as one of the elders at GCBCR in 2017. He and Evelyn have three God-honoring children, Benjamin, Rebekah, and Timothy, who also serve at their churches and fellowships.

Professionally, Elder Perry is a healthcare administrator of a national company for many years. He is willing to dedicate his life to serve the Lord and currently studying at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He sees serving brothers, sisters and the Lord at GCBCR as one of the highest privileges in his life. In his spare time, Perry loves playing ping-pong as well as flying drone and taking videos.

鄭彥威長老出生於中國大陸。 他幼時移居香港。 12歲的時候,他接受了耶穌基督作為他的救主。 當他18歲時,上帝為他提供了在美國就讀大學的機會。 在哥倫布俄亥俄州,他遇到了他的妻子姚秀枝姐妹,這是上帝賜給他的好禮物。 他們都畢業於俄亥俄州哥倫布市首都大學,並在哥倫布華人基督教會服事了近二十年。 在上帝呼召他和他的家人於2012年搬遷到弗吉尼亞州里士滿之前,鄭彥威長老在哥倫布華人基督教會團契部和執事會崗位服事近15年。在華恩浸信會擔任團契部執事和執事會主席後,他很榮幸能夠被朱敬華牧師授權擔任2017華恩堂的長老之一。他和姚姐妹有三個敬畏神的孩子,鄭仁傑,鄭詠恩和鄭義恆,他們也在教會和團契中參與服事。

鄭長老從事醫療事業,多年來在美國醫療保健公司擔任行政管理職位。 他願意獻身為主服務,目前在東南浸信會神學院學習。 他認為在華恩浸信會為兄弟姐妹和上帝服事是他生命中最高的特權之一。 在業餘時間,鄭長老喜歡打乒乓球以及飛行無人機和拍攝視頻。


Elder 长老

孟牧師於1945年生於重慶,自小在台灣長大。畢業於台灣中原理工學院數學系, 任中學教師二年後決心奉獻事主。就讀台灣浸信會神學院,在學期間與同班同學程
世璇姊妹結婚。畢業後赴台東浸信會牧會三年,後回浸神,夫婦二人一面讀研究所〈亞洲浸信會神學研究所〉,一面擔任神學院新約及神學教師,並負責學生生活管理。在神學院八年期間,亦兼任三間教會的牧師。1987年全家移居美國。自1987年 九月起,擔任維州列治文〈Richmond〉華人浸信會牧師,2005年所殖的新堂獨立,成立列治文華恩浸信會,再擔任新堂牧師〈母會另聘新牧師〉直到2008年底退休, 現擔任教會長老。

Born in Chongqing in 1945, Pastor Meng spent his childhood in Taiwan and graduated from Department of Mathematics of Taiwan Chung Yuan Christian University. After two years working as a math teacher, he made the decision to devote himself into serving the Lord and then was enrolled in Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary. He married his classmate, Sister Shyh-Shyuan Cheng, during his study at the Seminary. After graduation they served God in East Taiwan Baptist Church for three years. The couple then returned to Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary as teachers, in charge of teaching courses of New Testaments and Theology, as well as responsible for students life accommodation. During the eight years working at the Seminary, he also served as Pastor in three local churches. In 1987, their entire family moved to the United States, and Pastor Meng then served as the Pastor at Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond (CBCR) starting in September, 1987. In 2005, the new Grace Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond (GCBCR) was founded and he became the Pastor at GCBCR. Pastor Meng was retired at the end of 2008, and is now serving as an Elder at GCBCR.


Elder 长老


Elder Li Xiaodong grew up in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, and came to the United States in 1990. He obtained his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked as a network engineer since.  In 1996, Elder Xiaodong accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior and was baptized. By the Lord’s Grace, we witnessed his spiritual growth in the past twenty plus years. Xiaodong served in various ministries, including Worship, Sunday School, Fellowships, Visitation, Marriage Counseling, as well as Sunday Sermons. Elder Xiaodong also served at the Deacon Boards in both Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond (CBCR) and Grace Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond (GCBCR), as Deacon or Deacon Chair of Finance, Worship, and Outreach. He was appointed as the Elder of GCBCR in 2017. In 2015, Elder Xiaodong answered his Calling and began his study at China Evangelical Seminary North America, and is expected to graduate in 2019. Deeply touched by the greatness of the Lord, Xiaodong is willing to answer God’s calling and serve the Lord full time after graduation.  In addition, Elder Xiaodong and his wife, Sister Helen Huang, are the certified leading couple for the Association of Chinese Families for Christ. They have lead dozens of Marriage Enrichment Retreats across the United States since 2011 and have served as The Association’s liaison in the State of Virginia.


English Ministry Pastor 英文堂牧师

Pastor Carter Tan is originally from Malaysia and came to Mississippi State University in 1997 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In college, he met his amazing wife Winnie Wang from Beijing, China who was pursuing her Masters in Chemical Engineering. They have two wonderful children; Aidan Tan and Eliza Tan. After graduating from college, he worked at Capital One Financial Services for more than a decade as a Process Engineer, working on enterprise level process re-engineering projects. In 2010, he resigned from Capital One and answered God’s calling for full time ministry. For the next five years, he pursued a Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, while also serving full time at the International Mission Board supporting missionaries and churches on technical endeavors. Upon graduation from seminary in 2015, he responded to God’s calling to serve as the full time English Ministries Pastor at Grace Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond where he had been a member since 2001. He is very honored and privileged to be able to serve his home church family. During his free time, Pastor Carter loves to watch sci-fi movies and sing in the car with his family.
陳善樂牧師來自馬來西亞,1997年來到密西西比州立大學攻讀電機工程學位。在大學期間,他遇到了來自中國北京的王苑姐妹,後來成為他的妻子,她當時正在攻讀化學工程碩士學位。他們有兩個孩子; Aidan TanEliza Tan。陳牧師大學畢業後,他在Capital One 財經服務領域工作了十多年,擔任過程工程師,從事企業級流程再造項目。 2010年,他辭去了Capital One的職務,並回應了上帝對他全職服事的呼召。在接下來的五年裡,他在東南浸信會神學院攻讀神學碩士學位,同時並在國際宣教委員會為傳教士和教會提供科技支持的全職服事。 2015年從神學院畢業後,他回應上帝的呼召,擔任里士滿華恩浸信會的英語堂全職牧師,自2001年以來他一直是里士滿的華恩浸信會會員。他非常榮幸能夠為他的教會服事。閒暇時,陳牧師喜歡觀看科幻電影,並與家人一起在車裡唱歌。

Pastor Rommel Penaranda

Youth Director 少年事工總監

Rommel or better known as “Pastor Ro” Penaranda has been in ministry for 20 years, having served in churches in Maryland, DC, Virginia and the Philippines. He earned his degree in pastoral ministries from Washington Bible College in 2003, was ordained under the Southern Baptist Denomination in 2011, and has received his Masters of Divinity in 2014. He is married to Natalie and has 2 kids, Zoe who’s now 3 and a half, and Knox, who is 1 year old. Loves playing basketball, watching movies and hanging out with good friends.

Rommel或是更為人知的“Ro”Penaranda已經在馬里蘭,哥倫比亞特區,弗吉尼亞和菲律賓的多所教會服事了20年。 他於2003年獲得華盛頓聖經學院教牧學位,2011年被美南浸信會按立,並於2014年獲得神學碩士學位。他與娜塔莉結婚,並育有2個孩子,現在是3歲半的Zoe和 一歲的諾克斯。閒暇時, Ro喜歡打籃球,看電影和和好朋友一起出去玩。

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